Carrier Billing for Android Market on the way

The Android Market is a great little place on all Android phones where you can download paid and unpaid apps to your phone. Well if you have ever used it to buy paid apps, listen up as the ‘payment’ process will soon be a little faster.

Recently Google has posted some good news on their Android Developers website. The news was posted on July 23 and has most definitely made developers very happy. The post states that they have made adjustments to the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement, and goes on to say that they are updating two sections of the agreement in preparation to launch new payment options on the market place and they are convinced that developers will like the updates. The sections of the Developer Distribution Agreement that were update, are In “Section 13.1, “authorized carriers” have been added as an indemnified party” also section “Section 13.2 is new in its entirety, covering indemnity for payment processors for claims related to tax accrual”. If you are a new coming developer to the platform these new sections will be standard on your agreement with Google, if you are an existing developer you should be notified via email and you will have 30 days to sign into the developer site and accept the terms.

All of this information points to carrier billing, and developers and even end users could not be happier. The plan has not been fully activated as of yet and one could only imagine that carrier billing would not be fully enabled until after all developers agree and or the thirty days expires. So be on the lookout for an update to this story in a mere thirty days, as this is sure to be a win-win for everyone involved.

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