Should You Buy the iPad 3G?

The 3G enabled iPad was just released this month but the extra cost is making users think more than twice on whether the upgrade is worth spending on. A Wi-Fi enabled iPad costs between $499 – $699, while the 3G version falls in the range between $629 – $829. Obtaining the iPad 3G gives users the convenience of being able to utilize AT&T’s 3G networks, however, the added cost does not end with the unit itself. Availing the 3G service costs $14.99 monthly for 250 MB worth of data while it costs users $29.99 a month for unlimited use. It mainly depends on how much you use the iPad, or much you rely on it.

For Apple fans who have both the iPhone and iPad, the iPad is primarily for entertainment purposes such as watching movies that you would not be able to enjoy on the iPhone’s small screen. Instead of purchasing an iPad 3G and availing AT&T’s 3G services, some suggest using a MiFi unit instead. There are MiFi devices and plans available from rival companies such as Sprint and Verizon. Sprint’s Overdrive costs $60 monthly. A bit steep but it does allow users to connect several devices to Wi-Fi, 3G or even 4G networks. One limitation to this service is that it is limited to whatever is available in the area with some areas not having their own 4G networks.

This option makes more sense than buying an iPad 3G and availing a separate plan for each mobile device. Then again, it really depends on how much you need to use your iPad. A 245 MB cap may seem a lot, but it really is not when you like watching previews or downloading songs. Downloading full length videos are definitely out of the question with the 245 MB limit. Better stick with iPad without the 3G attachment and avail of other options. It should give you leave you more cash at the end of the day to enjoy other things, on and off the iPad.