Borders eReader Coming Soon to a BlackBerry Near You

Borders is going to roll out their eReader app for your BlackBerry. The website says a BlackBerry version of the software is “coming soon,” and will let you:

“Browse and buy eBooks at, where you’ll find over a million titles,
including a generous selection of free books. Search by title, author, topic, or keyword. Make quick and easy purchases. Access your eBook Library. Download eBooks for offline reading. Enjoy automatic bookmarking, print quality resolution, smooth transitions between pages and chapters, and customized fonts and type sizes.”

Ah, finally. It makes sense for Borders to be hurrying out their eBook application for the BlackBerry (desktop and Apple iOS versions have already come out). Plenty of business users commute via train or subway. What could be better than an app on their BlackBerrys that lets them read their favorite new book on the go? already released a BlackBerry version of their Kindle earlier this year, so Borders has some catching up to do. It is nice to know though that our BlackBerry has not been forgotten when it comes to media. While it may not be quite as spiffy as Apple’s iBook reader, at least you will have Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air sometime this year (hopefully) to make up for it.

The best part about all of these new software releases for Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) BlackBerry line is that developers realize that the BlackBerry is a viable platform for the development of solid software. Ever look at Apple’s App Store? Sure, it has a lot of cool programs, but oh so much of it is useless nonsense.

Since BlackBerry App World 2.0 will be rolling out anytime now and includes credit card billing, carrier billing, and the ability for developers to make in app purchases, look for the ability to simply make a couple of selections in the new Borders eReader to purchase books without leaving the program. I am excited for the direction that the BlackBerry is heading to now, and while we still do not have nearly as many applications as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android OS, it looks like we will be making up lost ground pretty quickly.

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