Boot Time Showdown: Torch vs iPhone 4

An interesting video showcasing a boot up battle between the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 and the iPhone 4 has hit the internet. While I doubt any of us decide on which smartphone to purchase based on how quickly it starts up, the video is interesting and shows how very differently the two operating systems were constructed. The ‘battery pull’ reboot method on the BlackBerry certainly is far slower than the iPhone’s reboot via holding the power button, but when booting both from being regularly powered off, the iPhone loses. This is most likely due to the way the BlackBerry loads its operating system and stores it in its memory even when off compared to how the iPhone stores a considerable amount regardless of its power state.

Check out the video below:


I am not exactly sure why this video was produced, as I’ve not seen boot time comparisons given much weight with smartphones. However, maybe it’s because the video that came out comparing the Torch’s web browser to the iPhone 4’s clearly showed how Research In Motion (RIM) needs to get with the program and start shipping devices with faster processors. A processor war like the one Apple and Intel used to battle with before Apple lost and decided to go with Intel’s chips for its desktop and laptop offerings should be in order here.

The three- way between Intel, Apple (Motorola and IBM were partners) and AMD certainly helped push us forward with processor technology. I hope a similar one erupts on our handsets. It’s 2010 and consumers are greedy for more power. After all, who doesn’t want our smartphones to be replacements for portable gaming machines or capable of doing tasks like number crunching that have been regulated to their larger cousins.

Don’t get me wrong though, the Torch certainly boots in far, far less time than its fellow BlackBerrys. It also is running the best version of BlackBerry OS released to date. But, RIM needs to show us some hardware that will really wow us. There is a reason why car companies have racing development programs. C’mon RIM, impress us with something soon.

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