BMW and iOS Team Up—Sort Of

Apple and BMW certainly make an interesting pair. Both have positioned them as ‘luxury’ brands. Luxury smartphones and computers? Apple certainly knows how to get people to spend big bucks on its products even when PCs costs less for the same hardware. And we all know how snooty those iPhone owners can be. According to IntoMobile and AutoSpies, BMW looks like it wants to start cashing in on Apple’s iOS with better support for the devices in its luxury automobiles.

Que BMW’s coming iPad dock (just for the back seat of course). This rotating little dock firmly holds an iPad in place for the viewing pleasure of your passengers. DVD players, televisions and gaming systems in cars are kind of 1990s. The kids want iPads now apparently. Anyone else think they will be forgoing the usual game of shouting “shotgun!” for the coveted front passenger seat and instead calling the iPad seat? Of course, if your friends are driving around in BMWs and putting an iPad in the back just to entertain their children, I think we need to trade friends.

Besides just the iPad dock, BMW is also planning on improving connectivity between the iPhone and their automobiles. The iPhone has been able to interface with BMWs for a while, but the new dock and iDrive system in coming BMWs should be a big step up. The iDrive system will be able to integrate with the iPhone for GPS, Bluetooth, audio and all of that good stuff. BMW has been working on better support for Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry smartphones as well, and if those reports are true, you should be able to have emails and text messages read to you by your beamer from your iPhone while you drive.

This new comes on the heels of BMW’s announcement in July that it will support the iOS 4 ‘iPod Out’ feature that lets iOS devices take control of the iDrive screen and control an iOS device via the car’s controls.

Welcome to the age of iOS. Let me know if you are interested in BMW’s plans to better integrate iOS into the “Ultimate Driving Experience.”

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