BMW New iDrive Will Bring Unparalleled Connectivity to iOS Devices

BMW’s next revision of its iDrive system will offer complete integration with Apple’s iOS powered devices. The German luxury automobile manufacturer is working on a system that will allow users to control their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad from their car’s central console controls. By grabbing information from the iOS device’s docking cable, full integration will be possible, and the need to fiddle around with a touchscreen device while hurtling along at highway speeds will become unnecessary.

While the idea of integrating smartphones into increasingly ‘smarter’ cars is not new, integration solutions for the iPhone have not received the publicity lately that Research In Motion’s BlackBerry line has. Sure, the iPod has been able to play music in cars for a long time through its docking cable, and the iPhone has been able to place or receive calls through Bluetooth, but advanced functionality is what consumers want. What is more advanced than the ability to use all of your apps from your car without actually touching your iPhone?

The ultimate goal that BMW has with the system it is developing is to create a single iOS user interface in its cars. All iOS-powered devices would have the same integration features and work the same. The system is expected to roll out sometime in 2011 and while BMW is keeping most of the details quiet, expect some pretty amazing things from it when it shows up.

Excited about better integration with your iOS devices in your BMW?

Hope that this will push other companies to compete?

Will all cars eventually be able to interact on an OS level with smartphones?

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