A Blue Samsung Galaxy S4 Set To Launch with Best Buy



A blue Samsung Galaxy S4 set to launch. Smart phones have been engrained into the everyday consumer’s life since right around 2007. Since then we have seen amazing things done in the mobile space. We now have smart phones powerful enough to keep a small city running and tablets that bring a whole new outlook on computing. While seemingly trivial colored mobile devices have for the most part been missing in action for the last six years. Sure, you could have a black or white smart phone, but those aren’t even colors! While companies like Apple and Nokia have launched some series of handsets in a rainbow of colors, Samsung has also been producing some flagships with a bit of splash to them. Today, details of a new blue Galaxy S4 has surfaced into the headlines.

Like their competitors Samsung has normally launched their flagship handsets in two color options. The company’s latest device, the Galaxy S4 was initially made available in either black or white. Now, in true Samsung form the company is launching a blue Galaxy S4 to be sold exclusively at Best Buy stores across the country. The new blue GS4 pictured above will go on sale in Best Buy starting November 14th. The colored handset will be available to At&t, Verizon and Sprint customers only. Starting tomorrow Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus members will be allowed to pre-order the handset. Pre-Orders for the rest of us will commence on the 10th. Details of the news state Ma’Bell’s and the Now Network’s blue GS4 will be priced at $200 bucks under the muse of a new contract. Verizon or Best Buy’s greed shows its ugly face again as the device will cost users $250 under contract. This new hue however does not change anything internally about the device. The handset still runs with Android version 4.3 and uses a 5 inch 1080×1920 Super AMOLED touch screen to get its point across. It comes with a 13 mega pixel camera, a quad core 1.9 GHz processor, GPS, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, WI-fi, NFC, DLNA, MHL and much more.

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