A Blue HTC ONE Set to Launch in the “Coming Months”?

 Blue HTC One

Anyone interested in a baby blue HTC One? The HTC One became an official device back in February and has become a highly sought after smart phone, and for good reason. The HTC One was launched in a white and silver version as well as a black variation, but where are the colors! HTC while known for their excellent hardware has stayed traditional with their color selection with a few exceptions including the 8X. News of new colored versions of the HTC One has emerged into the lime light and the options continue to become greater!

The HTC One was set to be the companies’ saving grace and while that’s up for debate, the HTC is indeed one of the best Android smart phones available today. But when competing with the likes of Apple and Samsung solid hardware can only go so far. Currently the HTC One is only offered in two, mind numbing color options. Today details of a blue HTC One have emerged and it is this sort of differentiation that HTC needs. Shortly after the launch of the HTC One the device made a brief appearance on HTCs website in red. Today new details add blue the HTC One’s color spectrum. Unfortunately, the blue variation has not been spotted in the wild, however Pocket-lint has some juicy details from “sources familiar with the matter” that claim both blue and red version of the handset are on their way to market in the coming months. The device pictured above is a simple mock up of the handset and may be a bit different if and when it launches. According to rough estimate it is claimed that HTC has sold over five million One’s and hopefully, these new color options will help the One keep up with the competition. No word on an exact launch date, but it is probably safe to bet the cost will stay pretty much the same.

Anyone interested in a colored HTC One in blue or red? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the colored HTC One! And remember that we carry all the best of HTC One accessories as well.

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