The Blue HTC One Heading To Verizon?


The blue HTC One set to make its way to Verizon? The awesomeness of the HTC One launched way back in February and has been released with Sprint, T-Mobile and At&t. Those who have been holding their breath waiting for the device to reach the shores of Verizon’s bandwidth have, unfortunately most likely passed on already. Way back in May the rumors surrounding a blue colored HTC One surfaced to the top of the interwebs. While this new vibrant One is internally just the same as the original, its unusual color could be a good selling point for the carrier luckily enough to get it. Today, details point at Verizon to be that lucky carrier.

Details of a blue HTC One were reported back in May of this year and specific surrounding the colorific handset have been nil since then. Today, Phonearena.Com has gotten their hands on some juicy details that give the blue HTC One a home at Verizon. According to the sites source, Verizon’s current inventory has received an update that adds an HTC SKU HTC6500LVWBLU to its stock. An added description alongside the stocking number read’s, “HTC One in Blue”. With that said, it is all but certain big red will be getting the blue One. Unfortunately the shade of blue has not been confirmed but the source claims it will be similar to that of the HTC 8X. Additionally the information states the One will launch with Verizon in August while previous rumor speculate an August 15th announcement. As expected, pricing on the device is still unknown, but surely not expected to be much more than the current going rate. The One, black, blue or silver is an awesome handset that runs with the likes of Android version 4.2.2 and comes built around an awesome 4.7 inch 1080p HD S-LCD3 touch screen. It packs in a quad core processor, an all day battery life and HTC latest camera technologies with a 4 ultrapixel camera.

Any Verizon customers out there still interested in the awesomeness of the HTC One? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think of the blue HTC One headed to big red. Also before you run be sure to check out all the latest in HTC accessories here.

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