We May See the ‘BlackPad’ at the BlackBerry DevCon 2010

The highly anticipated BlackBerry tablet—called the ‘BlackPad’ by most—might be seen in the proverbial flesh next week at the BlackBerry developers conference. Thanks to some top sleuthing by the Wall Street Journal, we now know a lot more about the BlackPad and Research In Motion’s (RIM) plans moving into the future. And yes, even some inside RIM are calling this the BlackPad. Though, who knows, RIM calling the tablet the ‘SurfBook’ like is rumored might still happen.

According to the WSJ, expect to see the BlackPad coming to stores by the end of the year. We might even see it in time for some holiday sales. The screen will be 7” though, it might have only one camera instead of the two everyone was expecting. Whether or not the camera will be front or rear facing if there is only one has yet to be verified. The BlackPad will also be forced to use Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth tether to a BlackBerry smartphone like the rumors have been saying.

The big shocker from the WSJ‘s sources is that QNX (who RIM recently acquired) will be the one responsible for the operating system on it. So long Android OS rumors. In fact, RIM is expected to start shifting away from its own BlackBerry operating system in favor of QNX’s for all of its smartphones in the future.

Marvell Technology Group will be supplying the CPU for the tablet, which comes as no surprise. Its chips are in everything from the Bold 9650 to the Torch 9800. Like the rumors have been saying, Quanta, which is based in Taiwan, will be building the tablet for RIM. For those who are hating the 624 MHz speeds from Marvell’s chips that seem sluggish running BlackBerry OS 6, there might be some good news. Marvell has developed a new chip for tablets. However, whether or not the new chips will be in the BlackPad remains to be seen. Marvell refuses to comment.

It looks like the vast majority of the rumors surrounding the BlackPad over the past few months are indeed true. How do you feel about a new operating system on the BlackPad? The decision to keep using Marvell for the processors? Think the tablet really will get a front facing camera for video calling? Disappointed that it will not be able to connect to cellular networks by itself ? Are you still interested in it?

Let me know in the comments section. I can’t wait to see what this thing can really do.

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