The Blackerry R10 Gets Caught On Camera



The Blackberry R10 gets caught in the wild! You may have thought that the company formerly known as RIM would have stopped with their latest Z10 and Q10 models, but the 10’s keep rolling on! Blackberry, up and reinvented themselves recently with a shift in power and finally releasing their advanced Blackberry 10 operating system. Alongside the release of their new intuitive OS, came new hardware! The Blackberry Z10 is an all touch screen bad ass and the Q10 combines a touch screen and the classic Blackberry QWERTY keyboard. But that’s not all from the company is it? They have yet to reinvent the Curve, until now!

It was of course expected that blackberry would launch many different devices running the latest operating system as time went on. As the company seemingly starts off slow with only two different handsets, it looks like a third is starting to surface. As the new blackberries are both flagship smart phones it should come as no surprise that the Blackberry R10 is an entry level device! Back in April sketches of the R-series handset emerged into the rumor mill with little detail outside of a possible price, launch time frame and other small tidbits of info. Today a picture of the handset has been discovered in a lustrous red color way while a white variation is lurking in the background. Unfortunately for those looking to see it go, both of the pictured units seem to be dummy phones for display purposes. Keep in mind however dummy phones are designed from the ground up to be identical non-working models of handsets, so the likeliness of the R10  looking as pictured is very high. Outside of the pictured devices new details on its release have emerged. According to the new source the R10 will be launched sometime within Q3, which narrows the window between July and September. Early rumors surrounding the handset five it 8 GB of internal memory, expandable micro SD support and an 1800 mAh battery with a price point somewhere within the realms of $300 to $400 bucks. The Blackberry R10 looks poised to bring back Curve into the Blackberry 10 eco system! Anyone excited?

Anybody out there interested in a mid range QWERTY based Blackberry? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember that all the best in new Blackberry accessories can be found here!

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