Which New BlackBerrys Will Get OS 6 at Launch

According to BerryReview, a semi-firm list of which new BlackBerry devices from Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) will be sporting BlackBerry OS 6 has been compiled. The devices? Drum roll please:



    Yes, if the rumors hold true, all of these devices will arrive with OS 6. Since the release date of the new operating system is still in question—as is the release date of the 9800 Torch—I cannot give an exact time to see OS 6 in action. However, the Torch appears to be prepping for launch this year (August probably), so it will most likely be the first BlackBerry to run the new OS.

    If you already have a BlackBerry that works just fine, then there is a chance that it will be upgradable to OS 6. Here is a list an initial list of devices that will be eligible:

    -          The Pearl 9100

    -          The Pearl 9105

    -          The Bold 9700

    -          The Tour 9650

    -          The Storm 9520

    -          The Storm 9550

    Will the new OS however, work well enough with more limited resources to be something that you will want to upgrade to? Apple’s iOS 4 performs poorly on older iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod Touch models. RAM and processor limitations are the culprit. So what to do with your BlackBerry? My recommendation is to hold off on making the jump to OS 6 when the update for your phone is released just to make sure that a) it runs well enough and that b) it is not full of bugs.

    Are you looking forward to BlackBerry OS 6? Think it will revitalize RIM’s lineup of smartphones? Is it the BlackBerry OS that we have all been waiting for? Let me know what you think.

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