Blackberry Unlimited Prepaid Data

Various telecom companies are continuing the price wars, looking for the right prices for their more budget savvy consumers. Prepaid is the name of the game these days with each company rushing to try all sorts of plans for this newly recognized sector of the market. Virgin Mobile is the next on this week’s list, releasing the lowest plan currently available for Blackberry users and fans.

The newly released prepaid plan  for the Blackberry is referred to as the Beyond Talk Plan. Rates will start for a mere monthly fee of $25. This already includes unlimited texting and data plan with access to the web with 300 minutes of calls per month. It is a plan directed at the current generation of consumers aged 18-34 who are more inclined to text and access the web rather than talk on the phone. The president of the prepaid division of Sprint, Dan Schulman, has said that that the company recognizes this current move towards texting and accessing the Internet more stating that “voice is a technology of last resort. It’s not the way they want to communicate.”

Coming out of the worst crisis since the Depression, it is interesting to note that companies have not started offering similar prepaid plans much sooner. According to Chris Hazelton, a mobile and wireless research head from The 451 Group, “It’s not a huge market segment … but there are those who are interested in a prepaid plan.” How big does a market need to get in order to be considered enough to be profitable for the big companies?  Hopefully these prepaid plans stay around long enough for the consumers to be able to benefit as well from using them. Other low plans for the Blackberry include the $40 Base Plan which has 1,200 minutes call time and the $60 Base Plan with unlimited call time.