Blackberry Set to Launch a Z50 and Q30 in 2014



Two new Blackberry’s ready to launch soon? Blackberry if you have been playing along has seen some rather serious issues thrown its way in the last few years. Mainly, the company can simply not get the jump start it needs to get its hardware in the hands of Android and iOS users across the globe. Blackberry as always has been doing fine in the smaller markets but a slice of flagship pie is what they are after. The dawn of Blackberry 10 brought us the likes of the Z10, Q10, Z30, and Q5 and while bad sales almost put the company up for sale, Blackberry has decided keep to its current ownership and move forward as planned.

After a few months of uncertainty Blackberry is staying whole. After rather lackluster launches of afore mentioned handsets, the future of the company was in doubt. Following a massive layoff that put 4500 Blackberry employees out to pasture the company confirmed they will be launching “2 high-end devices and 2 entry-level devices” sometime in the near future. Recently leaks of a Blackberry C-Seires handset’s have seemingly filled in the at least one part of the 2 entry level devices, but news today suggests what Blackberry may have in store for at least one part of the “2 high-end devices”. Mobilesyrup.Com points to an un confirmed overseas report that suggests Blackberry will be launching a Z50 and a Q30 sometime during the third quarter of 2014.  While the details are scarce, the information is rather fitting. The specifics make the Z50 the successor to the Z10 and Z30 and build it around a 5.2 inch full 1080p HD touch screen display while internally a quad core processor holds it all together. The Q30 as expected will be the follow up from the Q10 and Q5 QWERTY based handsets. Reported to launch sometime within quarter two of 2014, specifics on what to expect are missing in this wave of leaks. So for now, we’ll let these rumors settle in and be on the lookout for some more detailed specs and maybe a pic or two of some hardware.

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