A $999 Blackberry Z10 Reaches the States Via Solavei

News of a $999 Blackberry Z10 from Solavei gave me a good chuckle this morning. At this point we would have to assume you have heard of Blackberry’s new operating system and handsets. If you’re unfamiliar, you can catch up here. The Blackberry 10 operating system was introduced into this world late last month and anyone interested wants to know when they can get their hands on it. The Z10 all touch screen Blackberry is the flagship that is currently on sale in Canada as well as the UK, however the race to be the first US based carry to offer the Z10 has seemingly been won.

After the launch of the Blackberry Z10, the only thing on anyone’s mind was pricing and availability here stateside. While the details all but confirm a round about time frame a race to first is really a thing. T-Mobile recently went on record as stating they wanted to be the first American carrier “out of the gate” with the Z10. Unfortunately for T-Mo, a lesser known company that goes by Solavei has beaten them to the punch. Solavei is one of many new MVNO carriers that have recently popped up here stateside that rent out network space from the big leagues. Ironically, Solavei runs off of T-Mobile towers! The company announced today that they are offering the Blackberry Z10 for $999 unlocked, and off contract! While the price is indeed a bit higher than normal, keep in mind that anyone here stateside that wants a new Z10 will be waiting until at least March. When released however, the subsidized price point is not expected to exceed around $200 bucks for most carriers. AllthingsD.Com points out that the Blackberry Z10 unlocked and roaming free will run you about $700 bucks in the Middle East. The Soleavei Blackberry Z10 is currently the most expensive smart phone in the states, so unless you can’t control yourself…just wait a few months.

Anyone care to comment on this ridiculous price tag for the Z10? Anyone interested in picking it up? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. Also, no matter whom your carrier is, remember, we carry all the best in Blackberry accessories known to man!

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