The Blackberry Z10 May Launch a Bit Sooner Than Expected In the U.S.


A Blackberry you may actually want may prove to show up at T-Mobile a bit sooner than expected. In case you haven’t heard, the Blackberry is back. Unfortunately right now, it’s only back in half swing as its touch screen Z10 model is only officially available in the UK and Canada, but everyone here stateside is indeed waiting on the edge of their seats to check out the new wares from Blackberry. The announcement of the new Blackberry OS and its hardware happened just a few days ago and its availability is still scattered. Initial word on the Z10’s launch came with a March time frame here stateside, but it may not be soon enough for T-Mobile.

After the announcement of Blackberry’s new wares, the only question left was when! The UK and Canada got that question answered rather quickly as the device is currently on sale in those countries. A time frame of March was given to the Z10 and its American carriers, and while its not too far off, some people just can’t wait. Recently a T-Mobile road map has given the world a glimpse at the Z10’s release with the carrier. The date? March 27th. Bloomberg got a scoop on T-Mobile plans however and it looks like that time frame may be pushed up a bit for the magenta clad carrier. The outlet got some details on Tmo’s outlook on the new Blackberry’s. Speaking with Frank Sickinger, the head of T-Mobiles business sales was quoted saying things like “The device is more stable than we anticipated” and that they are trying to be the first “out of the gate” here in the states. The article goes on to point out the new Blackberry its market and T-Mobiles future with the handsets, but an interesting piece points to the Blackbery Z10 being launched a little sooner than the 27th. Sickinger states in regard to the launch of the Z10 “if we are able to speed up the launch date, we will do that. Right now it’s looking like mid-March”. Now I’m no mathematician, but the 27th, is not mid March! The interview also goes into pricing a bit and points out that the suggested retail price of $199 that Blackberry set out is indeed in line with T-Mo’s thinking. While none of this confirms anything at all, it’s nice to hear the handset is testing well with T-Mobile and they will be releasing the handset as soon as possible, even if that’s just a week or two sooner than their road map suggest.

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