Should BlackBerry Users Be Jealous of iOS 4?

If you are a BlackBerry user, I bet I know what you are thinking. “Man, so much hype about iOS 4 and those pesky iPhones… should I feel jealous?” Not really. Apart from the touch screen, the iPhone isn’t necessarily all that. Even the new iOS 4 does not make your handy BlackBerry outdated. In fact, quite a few of the features that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has been touting are old hats.

Well first of all, you can already multitask. iPhone 3G users still can’t even manage that despite the new update (you need a 3GS or an 4G). Then comes the folders—and yes, you can already do that. Then we get to the new email features. Surprise! You are already set. The BlackBerry was made for email after all.

“Okay,” you may be thinking, “but Steve Jobs wouldn’t exaggerate would he? iOS 4 is the most secure smartphone platform on the planet.” Wrong. Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) designed its phones for government and corporate users from the ground up. There is a reason why our House of Representatives has a total of 9,140 BlackBerrys in use but only 86 iPhone’s in use(according to DVICE). Oh, and the United Kingdom is sticking with BlackBerry, for a reason I might add.

As for eBooks, well, Borders is releasing an eBook reader very shortly and already rolled out their Kindle reader for the BlackBerry. The iBook app that the iPhone now has is pretty sweet, but no deal breaker.

Okay okay, I know what the Apple iPhone fan boys are thinking now, “Omg, but the iPhone is so much sleeker and easier to use. And what about the touch screen!” Okay, I admit that RIM kind of botched the BlackBerry Storm line. All is well though, since we will soon be getting the BlackBerry Torch 9800 (or Bold 9800, or Slide 9800, or whatever the codename of the day seems to be for the device). Anticipation is already high and RIM’s stock price has started to climb.

So the next time an iPhone user sees you and your BlackBerry and starts to give the “I’m sorry…” speech, now you know enough to put them back in their place. Besides, once Adobe’s Flash 10.1 rolls out on the BlackBerry, you will be able to point and laugh. Looks like some people won’t be able to stream all of their favorite TV shows for free via Wi-Fi or 3G.

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