BlackBerry ‘Triton’ Supposedly Coming in December with 4G

The rumor mill is churning in high-gear right now and Samir Sakpal—an analyst at Frost & Sullivan—has tossed his hat into the ring by claiming that Research In Motion (RIM) is working on an iPhone competitor dubbed the ‘Triton.’ Perhaps the juiciest part of this claim is that the Triton will have a 5 megapixel camera for video conferencing. Yes, I said video conferencing. Excited and hoping that this is true? I sure am.

RIM needs a way to counteract Apple’s move to video conferencing on its iPhone 4 and potentially the next updates to its iPod touch and iPad. The BlackBerry Cobalt tablet is expected to video conference as well.  Let’s face it, video conferencing on your smartphone or other ‘smart’ device is something that is not going to go away. Customers are going to start demanding the feature once it catches on and carriers bite the bullet and let it happen on their already heavily loaded networks; probably for an additional fee at first.

Of course, this might just be new information about the BlackBerry Storm 3. The Storm 3 has already been expected to support Long Term Evolution (LTE or 4G) networks and come out sometime near the end of this year. The video conferencing feature is a new thing, but RIM is desperate to make a successful touchscreen only phone to stem the iOS and Android OS tide. It would not make much sense for them to be releasing the Triton and the Storm 3 near each other. This leaves us with two possibilities. Either the Storm 3 will be codenamed the Triton and sport the video conferencing, or the Triton is a whole new smartphone and the two will be rolling out on different carriers.

While the Triton rumor is still unconfirmed, expect more information to leak in the coming months. I will be watching this very closely. So, let me ask you this. The Triton and its video conferencing just a BlackBerry fanboy (or fangirl) fantasy or the real deal? Are the Storm 3 and the Triton the same phone? Let me know what you think.

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