Problems with Your BlackBerry Tour 9630?

Both CrackBerry and BlackBerryLeaks are reporting that Verizon Wireless is apparently sending out BlackBerry Bold 9650s as warranty replacements for the BlackBerry Tour 9630. The 9650s are most likely refurbished models, but no official word yet has come in. Sweet.

Apparently, that new OS update for the Tour 9630 has caused problems for some BlackBerry owners and Verizon is desperately trying to get them fixed. In the mean time, if your Tour 9630 isn’t working like it should after you’ve updated, then go ahead and call them up. To actually get the new(er) phone, you will of course have to spend some time on the phone with a Verizon Wireless rep, who will try to guide you through some steps to fix the device: “hard reset,” etc.

Perhaps the reason for why Verizon is offering the Bold 9650 as a replacement is that the two phones share the same battery and charger. There still has been no word as to when Verizon will be offering a fix patch for the update (c’mon guys, this is stuff Microsoft pulls) but you should hurry just in case. Deals like this are rare, and show how a lack of communication (or apparently proper testing) between a wireless carrier and a smartphone manufacturer can mess up expensive devices for quite a number of people. Fortunately, Verizon is being very generous (they wouldn’t want you to go out and buy an iPhone I guess).

Having problems with your BlackBerry Tour 9630 before or after the OS update? Let us know.

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