The Blackberry Touch Monaco/Monza comes into the light – Just don’t call it a Storm 3

It’s been awhile since news of the some new Blackberry hardware has surfaced. Yea the Playbook has been in the news lately, but I’m talking about phones. I’m talking about super smart phones that make your eyes light up with the idea of having mobile computing in your pocket. The code named Blackberry Monaco has seen the light of day in the past, it was pictured leaked and rumored the world over. It looks like BGR has gotten their paws on a Blackberry Touch or Monaco or Monza and have some juicy details on the device to share with the world.

The secret code names (not too secret I guess) go by Monaco or Monza and are seemingly based off of its destination in regard to carrier. Verizon gets the Monaco while the Monza is rumored to be the GSM version which most likely means At&t. Whomever the carriers will be, just don’t call it a Storm 3. According to the sources the Storm line is dead. Well the name at least. While it is unconfirmed this new Blackberry will be called the Blackberry Touch, fitting name. Keep in mind that the Storm line could be refreshed any day now, but looking at this new toy I can assume it will not.  Another thing that’s dead is Surepress as it is not evident on this new Blackberry Touch. It seems that Blackberry took one of the consistent negative things to be said about the Storm line and tossed it out – good riddance. I’m sure some Storm users would agree and others would not. The Blackberry Touch is everything you would expect in a refresh or complete overhaul. The Blackberry Touch is faster, thinner and all around just a better device. The Blackberry Touch will run Blackberry OS v 6.1 which is said to be very similar to the current Blackberry 6.0. BGR notes that as a part of the new OS users will need to use a Blackberry ID to log into the OS. This new login in idea will surely assist in streamlining any future cloud based functionality as well as sharing information with other users and switching Blackberries if need be. Sounds a bit iTunes-ish to me (kind of).

So when you ask? Well it’s unsure. As all of this is un-official it may never see the light of day. But it most likely will. The source is saying that RIM will make the Blackberry Touch and a few others official in May at Blackberry World. With the advent of Android apps on the Playbook and these sexy new Blackberries is RIM on the way back L.L. Cool J style? You know they’ve been here for years. Ok sorry but seriously Storm users are you eyeing this? Let us know what you think of the new Blackberry Touch in the comments below.

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