Why is the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Delayed in Canada?

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 has been delayed for its launch in Canada. Everyone was expecting it to come out tomorrow, but the carriers are pushing back the launch. Research In Motion (RIM), who makes the BlackBerry series of smartphones, is a Canadian company, so this is a little embarrassing. The Torch 9800 has been available in the US for over a month now, so why the delays up north?

All the big Canadian carriers (Bell, Telus, Rogers) are pushing back the launch date. The news coming out of Canada is pointing to a September 30th or October 1st date now. Bell’s website even has a “coming soon” up instead of a real date.

Shipments for the smartphone might be delayed, or RIM might be having supply chain problems. Nothing is really known at this point. Don’t worry guys and girls hailing from Canada, you’ll get your Torch soon enough, but probably early next month. I am not sure why RIM didn’t go with a simultaneous release for both the US and Canada. It certainly would have made sense.

The Torch is the latest and greatest smartphone out of RIM. From the way things are looking from the leaks and rumors, it will more than likely retain its spot at the top of the BlackBerry totem pole until at least early next year. It is also the only currently available device to have BlackBerry OS 6 on it. C’mon RIM! Get your head in the game here. Besides the US, Canada is going to definitely be the largest Torch market in the western hemisphere.

Are you in Canada and waiting for the Torch? Think this delay is only going to be a week? Let me know.

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