More BlackBerry Torch 9800 Colors Coming Soon


Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry Torch 9800 is getting three new colors in the near future. AT&T is expected to release red/black, olive and white versions of the new Torch sometime later this year according to Engadget‘s sources. Okay, this is not the Storm 3 or the BlackPad news we wanted to hear, but hey, only having one color available for a $200 smartphone is a little ridiculous. Apple might want to pay attention here since it has delayed the white iPhone 4 until… who knows.

I know, I know, an olive Torch? I am not sure I would want to be seen carrying one of those around, but I am sure someone out there will like it. Kind of like the coming 9670 ‘Style.’ I think it looks hideous but RIM must think there has to be a market out there for it.

Perhaps the more important news is that besides these coming alternative colors, RIM appears to be hard at work updating BlackBerry OS 6 so it runs faster and better. The leaked OS releases popping up everywhere are a pretty good hint that RIM realizes that if it is going to use its old standby processor, the 624 MHz Marvell, then its new OS needs some tweaking. That is after all, the biggest complaint people are having about the new Torch. It runs just a bit too slow. That might by why OS 6 has not made an appearance on the 9700 or 9650, both of which share many of the same internals as the Torch.

I have two questions for you guys and girls. Interested in a Torch with a different color scheme? Think RIM can make OS 6 run faster on its current devices?

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