The Blackberry Torch 2

It seems like only yesterday Research In Motion (RIM) was dropping the Torch 9800 which was to be their best and most up to date Blackberry ever. Unfortunately for the Canadian based company (and At&t for that matter) the Torch did not fare so well in regard to sales as well as its specs. The Blackberry Torch 9800 came into this world with the idea of “revamping” the Blackberry lineup and letting dedicated Blackberry users get a device that is up to par with the iPhones and the higher end Androids of the day. Unfortunately this did not quite happen and surely left a void in the hearts and minds of BBM addicts all over the world. But what do you do when you’re in this position and it seems that your company did not get the “Your competition did this memo”? Well simple really, you read the memo next time and build accordingly. No really you simply upgrade the “greatest Blackberry ever” and hope no one notices.

BGR.Com has recently acquired some specs and pictures of the new Blackberry Torch 2 (I can assume it would be a 9880). It should come as no surprise that the new Blackberry Torch 2 looks identical to the original Torch, however in its best Porsche ideal it’s what’s inside that counts…maybe. The specs on the new Blackberry Torch 2 spell out “This is how it should have been”. The Torch 2 comes fully equipped with a 1.2GHz processor a 3.2 inch VGA 640 x 480 capacitive display, 8GB of on board memory, 512 MB RAM, GPS, NFC and a 5Mp camera. The physical dimensions of the new Blackberry Torch 2 are basically the same as the original Torch, but sport a matte silver finish according to BGR’s sources.  The tipster on this new says that the upgraded Torch 2 should be shining it’s light onto At&t’s network late in Q3 of this year. Now the only question is will At&t give the early adopters on the original Torch some kind of discount on an upgrade, feels like they should…

So there you have it folk’s it seems that RIM has caught the memo of what customers are looking for and have actually acted upon it. However will the Torch 1 or Torch 2 finally find its way onto another carrier? There are hoards of Blackberry addicts on Verizon’s network looking for a Torch to call their own, as well as Sprint (we here at WirelessGround.Com have come across some Torch 9800 Sprint branded accessories from an  national distributor, so hang on Sprint customers it should be soon).

Are you a Torch user? Feeling a little beat right now? Have you been waiting on the Torch to cross into another carrier? Let us know what you make of this in the comments below!

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