The Blackberry Torch 2 is real!

The Blackberry Torch was in need of a refresh from day one. While the Torch’s styling and design is every Blackberry users dream its specs lead many in the direction of Android or iOS. Form factor coupled with the general idea of giving Blackberry addicts the touch screen and the QWERTY was genius, unfortunately specs wise the Torch fell a bit short with the available options at the time. The Torch 2 reared its pretty little head back in January and is showing up again on the interwebs. The specs have been bumped up and are surely impressive but will it be enough to compete?

BGR.Com has done it again and seemingly has a secret tunnel into RIM’s development labs. The site has consistently exposed RIM’s new lineup in the past few months and today they give the world a peek at the Torch 2. Yes it’s the one in the pictures above and below. The Torch 2 has not changed much in the form factor or design areas. As with most sequels the Torch 2 is said to be what the original Torch should have been. According to the site the Torch 2 has a screen resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and a super fast 1.2 GHz processor. The Torch 2 as expected will run Blackberry OS 6.1 out of the box. Just these details alone can make any Blackberry user smile. Expect the screen to stay the same size at 3.2 inches with an update in resolution. The new Blackberry Torch 2 is said to carry 512 of RAM, 8GB of memory which can also be expanded via the microSD card slot. The Torch 2 will come equipped with a 5 mega pixel camera, Wi-fi, GPS, 3G connectivity as well as NFC technology. In case you’re wondering, NFC is not associated with football. The technology will give users the ability to create a ‘digital wallet’ to be used at compatible locations, to pay for products or services.

The Torch 2 is surely an amazingly sought after Blackberry. Only problem is that this new Torch is slated to be announced in May under At&t…again. Verizon – Sprint yours customers want a Torch option! Make it happen! With the leaks of the Touch Curve, the Touch Bold and the Blackberry Touch (Storm 3) and now the Torch 2 it seems that it will be a touch/QWERTY filled future for RIM and their Blackberries.

Let us know what you think of the new Blackberry Torch 2. Not coming to your carrier? Sound off and let them know you want some Torch in your life. Hopefully RIM can put a little more sand under their feet with these models.

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