A Mobile Tablet in Blackberry’s Near Future

A Mobile Tablet in Blackberry’s Near Future

IPad may not be alone in the mobile tablet field any longer. The Research in Motion and Blackberry tandem is taking on Apple’s iPad with the hopes of producing their own tablet soon. Referred to as the BlackPad by the media, there is no confirmation as to what operating system the device will be running on. Some speculate that the BlackPad will be utilizing the Google Android platform. However, the Canadian smartphone maker Research in Motion may have other plans and use their own Blackberry software for the planned mobile device, similar to their other products.

The future BlackPad will be utilizing 3G connection technology, enabling users to make and receive voice and video calls. Some speculate that the new tablet will be much smaller and lighter than the current iPad. Blackberry and RIM have already taken notice of Apple’s iPad and are taking the challenge seriously. According to Rodman Renshaw’s Ashlok Kumar, “everyone is taking a second look at that product roadmap,” with a suggestion that any new product “has to compare favorably to the iPad.” They should take it seriously and provide consumers with a really strong product in order not to be considered an iPad knockoff.

With the iPad having already sold over a million in just a few weeks, they may have hit the payload with their new mobile device. Some users may have gotten disappointed with some of the company’s decisions, one of which was shunning Flash support completely. But having sold over 500,000 just on the first week alone, other manufacturers are starting to take notice and scrambling to get their share of the market.

Regardless of the kinks and missing features, Apple has successfully made waves with their iPad product. Other smartphone manufacturers may have a tougher time producing something different without being compared to the iPad. But having competition is good as it will pressure each company to outdo the other, hopefully for the benefit of consumers. Blackberry fans may have to wait a while though as the earliest release is expected to be sometime in 2011.

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