BlackBerry’s Rumored Upcoming Tablet Code Named ‘Cobalt’

New information has come in over the weekend regarding Research In Motion’s rumored tablet including more nods to the codename ‘Cobalt.’ IntoMobile is reporting that the ‘Cobalt’ tablet will be decked out in front and rear facing cameras for video conferencing, a beefy 1 GHz processor and Adobe Flash support. You did not forget that RIM is supporting Adobe’s Flash format did you?

BlackBerry OS 6—a version of which will presumably run as the operating system of the upcoming tablet—will most likely support Flash in an update to be released sometime this year if it does ship with it. This would give the tablet a leg up on Apple’s iPad, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs refuses to allow the development of a Flash player for (along with one for any other iOS-powered device).

While the launch of the Hulu Plus video service is a positive sign in the development of streaming video content for iOS devices, it still shows the chasm between the plethora of available streaming content on traditional PCs and what Apple’s products can support. Research In Motion (RIM) hopes to bridge the gap by bringing everything together at user’s fingertips in a clean and surprisingly Apple-like user interface regardless of whether they are on the go with their mobile devices or with a fully-featured computer.

Speculation still abounds on the exact screen dimensions for the Cobalt. Two figures are being cited: 8.9” and 7”. Even less is known about the cellular data service connectivity that the device will support. Rumors have been circulating that the tablet will only be able to connect to the internet through a Bluetooth tether to a BlackBerry smartphone when a Wi-Fi connection is not available.

While the move to exclude a stand-alone cellular radio in the tablet could lower the price below Cisco’s upcoming Cius running Android OS, customers might be displeased if they have to lug around both devices to access the internet from remote locations or on the go. Not everywhere in the country is yet rigged with an open Wi-Fi connection, and Apple and Cisco’s decisions to support 3G and eventually 4G cellular data connections in their tablets might give them a boost over the BlackBerry Cobalt.

Excited about the BlackBerry ‘Cobalt’ tablet?

Let us know if you think there is any credence to the rumors or if they are just speculation in the ever-changing high tech personal device market.

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