BlackBerry Tablet Can Compete with iPad, Android Offerings

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Speculation abounds for Research In Motion’s still rumored but expected BlackBerry Tablet (rumored codename “Cobalt”) and while the iPad and coming Android OS-powered offerings are expected to compete, they are not insurmountable obstacles. Take for example Cisco’s coming “Cius”—it will run Android OS and offer video conferencing abilities but it will of course lack support for BlackBerry Enterprise (BBE). Research In Motion (RIM) has worked so hard to get BBE into as many companies as possible, and its tablet offers something that no Android tablet can. It will work without significant modification to existing IT frameworks.

The first assumption to get out of the way regarding the BlackBerry Cobalt is that it is designed to compete with the iPad or any of the lower-end Android OS tablets in the works. The Cisco Cius is shaping up to be the only competitor that RIM will be looking at with its device. While there surely will be some consumers who want a Cobalt, RIM is planning on making its money with corporate clients. Cisco will be too and things could get catty.

While Cisco is a major player in the corporate world, it does not have a line of smartphones like RIM. Companies are going to consider

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adding BlackBerry tablets for video conferencing before Cisco’s Cius. Their IT departments already know everything about BlackBerrys, so adding a tablet running a BlackBerry operating system will not be seen as a large or costly hurdle requiring more training or investment into infrastructure. RIM’s corporate email system is another selling point. Expect the Cobalt to immediately be able to take advantage of it like its smaller cousins.

It is easy to bash on RIM at the moment, and claim that its tablet will not be able to compete. However, once you figure in how easily it will work with RIM’s existing products and the market that it is being designed for, it becomes clear that RIM really does know what it is doing. The market for tablets in workplaces is growing and with the Cobalt, RIM can really excel in its core market. The business world is waiting, now RIM just has to deliver.

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