Anyone Feeling BlackBerry ‘SurfBook’?


BlackBerry smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) filed a trademark for the name ‘SurfBook’ last month in Canada. With the name ‘BlackPad’ floating around as the go to codename for RIM’s presumably coming tablet device, anyone think SurfBook is going to be its real name? RIM’s device names usually are one word and catchy: Curve, Bold, Storm, Style, etc.

No one knows (probably not even RIM right now) what the release name for their coming tablet will be, but I kind of think that SurfBook sounds too much like… Facebook. If you have been catching any of the tech news today, the internet is aflutter over news of Facebook secretly working on its own smartphone. Or something. Who knows at this point what is real or not regarding that rumor. Deny, deny deny seems to be the standard response for tech companies and politicians.

What is known for sure about this BlackBerry tablet? Not much really. The standard set of BlackPad rumors are claiming a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tether connection will be required for internet connectivity. It might also end up packing hardware acceleration for Adobe’s Flash format. Front and back cameras? They are expected. Of course, the coming Storm 3 is expected to have a front facing camera as well for video calling, and a leaked picture of the device (unverified) shows a sticker covering a spot on the front that could be for a front facing camera.

BlackBerry fans will probably be disappointed that no pictures of the tablet have been leaked yet. How far along is this thing in development? Will it just be a big Storm 3? Hmm. What about the claims coming out of China that the tablet will run Android OS? Probably nonsense. The claims that it will be powered not by BlackBerry OS 6 but instead a custom operating system made by RIM’s recently acquired QNX Software Systems? Eh, probably nonsense too but at least a little more plausible.

Keep tuning into Wirelessground since I will be keeping everyone as up to date as possible on the BlackPad as more is learned. In the meantime, drop a comment and let me know if you think RIM is serious about this SurfBook name. Why not just call it the BlackBook? After all, it is going to be filled with names and addresses. Besides, people will snicker over new tech device names no matter what they are. At least the iPad jokes have gotten stale.

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