BlackBerry ‘Style’ 9670 is Real

Love or hate the BlackBerry ‘Style’ 9570 from Research In Motion (RIM), it has passed through FCC approval. You know what that means right? The Style will be showing up in stores anytime soon. The current model of Style looks like it will be for only Verizon Wireless and Sprint. Are you ready for a clamshell look? Okay, I know, clamshell = flip phone. Enough beating around the bush, are you ready for another flip phone from RIM?

Here are the specs for the 9570 just in case you’re not familiar with this yet unannounced model from RIM:

  • Screeen: 480×320 pixels
  • Processor: Marvell 624 MHz
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Wi-Fi: b/g/n
  • Camera: 5 mega pixel
  • OS: BlackBerry OS 6

The flip phone market is not especially large right now with regard to smartphones. When you bring a smartphone into the market, consumers are even more skeptical. How do you feel about a flip phone from RIM?

The internals of the coming 9570 are pretty much the same as are inside the 9800 Torch. Is anyone willing to toss out the cash for a non-touchscreen smartphone? It looks like the two are tied processor, RAM and featurewise, so which are you going to go for?

The Torch (9780 and Storm3 too) are going to have specs nearly identical to the Style. The big question is, is it the smartphone for you? I doubt it is, but I am sure plenty of people will want it.

Let me know if the Style is the smartphone you want, or another model. There are just a bunch of phones from RIM right now that offer the same with different form factors.

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