BlackBerry Storm in China

It seems in the past three years every cell phone manufacturer has been trying to catch the iPhone, some have given up and stayed in there lanes, others like HTC and Blackberry mainly have been doing what they can to avoid Apple monopolizing the industry. Today’s news reports that RIM better known as Blackberry has struck up a deal with the China based service provider China Telecom Corp with there never popular Blackberry Storm. This is stated as attempt to compete with Apple in the Chinese market as the company China Unicom, is currently carrying the Apple iPhone in there line up.

To most reading from the outside it seems to be too little too late, as China Unicom is reporting almost 2 Billion in sales of the iPhone.  Looking into the strategy of Blackberry it might not be such a bad idea though, as their focus is on the business user and there are plenty of them in China. Blackberry has optimized this version of the Storm to be secure and run in Chinas mobile network. The Canadian based company has reportedly been shipping out older versions of their smartphones to the corporate Chinese markets and is looking to use this Storm to provide a little face lift. This my friends is a good idea.

With this announcement, Rims stock gained about 1 cent and is most likely exactly what Rim was looking for.  Guess only time will tell how the Chinese populous reacts to this, as the first Storm had many issues with the touch screen and operating system, all of which have been corrected.  Hopefully this can help keep RIM a float as in the next coming years they will sure be put to the test with all of their competition. Some analysts are saying BlackBerry is on their way out, with deals like this I for one am pretty sure BlackBerrys will be going anywhere in the near future.

Let us know what you think of BlackBerrys Chinese endeavor, too little too late ?

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