BlackBerry Storm 9530 and Tour 9630 Received Leaked OS Updates

BlackBerry Tour and Storm owners have been pretty much completely left out of the whole operating system update loop, official or unofficial. However, that has changed with the leak of BlackBerry OS for the Tour 9630 and the Storm 9530. Since the Storm series is unexpected to receive an update to BlackBerry OS 6, this might be one the last updates you’ll get. Similarly, the Tour series is unlikely to receive an update to BB OS 6.

To download these, do a quick Google search online.

As with all operating system updates, be sure to back up your device first. Since these are unofficial releases, keep in mind that if anything goes wrong, it is all on you. Research In Motion (RIM) and your carrier are not likely to help you out since, well, they’re unofficial leaked operating systems. Long story short, if you’re comfortable hacking around with your BlackBerry, go for it. Otherwise, wait a while, read up on how the leaked OS works and have a knowledgeable friend help you out if you decide to go through with it.

If you have decided to go through with it, let us all know how to goes in the comments.

The next Storm model (presumably the Storm3) is expected around March or April of 2011 and Verizon has pretty much all but said that current Storm models will not get BB OS 6. Which reminds me yet again: where is BB OS 6 on Verizon? Sprint has managed to get all of its compatible BlackBerrys up and running with the much improved OS so why not Verizon? Hmm…

I’d keep ranting and yelling but I want to keep my blood pressure from shooting my brains out of my ears. I guess as a tech blogger, I have gotten spoiled by Apple’s timely and consistent iOS updates. Love or hate Apple, their promptness at updating is one that should be emulated. You would think Google would learn a thing or two from Apple but it obviously has not. And RIM…well. Maybe with their coming Tablet OS by QNX they will get their game together and stop with this leaked OS nonsense complete with cryptic numbers.

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