BlackBerry Storm 3 Codnamed ‘Monaco’ and Next Bold Codenamed ‘Montana’

The BlackBerry Storm3 has been through a rollercoaster ride of cancelations, alternative prototypes and rumors of QNX/BlackBerry OS showing up on the device. While it doesn’t look like the third installment of the storm will be getting the new operating, it has gotten a codename—Monaco. Also in development is the next Bold device—rumored to be the BlackBerry Bold 9900—and it is going by the codenamed Montana.

Interestingly, both of these smartphones have touchscreens. Research In Motion (RIM) probably has finally come to terms with the fact that no one takes a smartphone seriously anymore unless it has a touchscreen. The BlackBerry Style 9670? Err… Let’s call that DOA for everyone except the small group of people that want a flip-phone with a keyboard.

The Storm 3 Monaco that is now rumored according to BBLeaks is not the Storm 2 refresh that was canceled. That model was to have 512 MB of RAM, an improved camera and not much else. Think of it as the Storm series equivalent of the Bold 9760 refresh.

Instead the BlackBerry Monaco is expected to drop the SurePress technology found in past Storms and upgrade the RAM, camera and um… well that’s about it. We will have to wait until the rumored Storm 4 to see what QNX and RIM have been cooking up in their labs. That is when RIM is expected to start the transition away from BlackBerry OS 6 to its new QNX developed OS. Past rumors concerning the Storm series have hinted about a front facing camera but until some screen shots of one come out, take them with a grain of salt. The Storm 3 is still looking to be a refresh designed to run BB OS 6 and not the iPhone killer everyone wants RIM to build.

The Bold 9900 Montana on the other hand retains the standard Bold series styling (surprise!) but puts in a touchscreen. Little is known about the Montana at this point, but I’m thinking it is going to be a Bold 9780 with the screen from the Torch 9800 inside. That enough to make you want to update? What about the 9780? Why would RIM even sell it if the 9700 is getting BB OS 6 and the 9900 will have a touchscreen? Well, no one knows what RIM is thinking sometime.

Excited about the prospects of two new BlackBerry smartphones coming soon? Rethinking the Bold 9760 for the Bold 9900? Let me know in the comments.

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