More Details Emerge for the BlackBerry Storm 3

More concrete information on Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Storm 3 has leaked out, confirming what had been rumored to the point of near fact. Namely, the Storm 3 is going to be running on BlackBerry OS 6, have that Webkit-based browser we have so desperately awaiting and getting a 5 megapixel camera. What was not expected however is that apparently the new smartphone will have the ability to work as a 3G mobile hotspot.

Mobile hotspot technology is rather new and allows your smartphone to work as a Wi-Fi gateway for your laptop to the internet. The ability has been popping up in more and more top-of-the-line smartphones like the Droid X and it is nice to see Research In Motion (RIM) give it the nod in the coming Storm 3. Hopefully every smartphone will support the technology in the next year or two, as it really does make life on the go so much easier.

What is a little disappointing however for the Storm 3 is that it looks like it will only be getting 512MB of RAM. While I have an old desktop PC in the basement that only has that much RAM and it still works fine, consumers are hungry for more and more RAM as smartphone apps grow as complex and resource hungry as ones written for actual computers. 512MB of RAM will not be a deal breaker however for most looking at the phone.

What is interesting to note though is that from what was leaked by Engadget, the phone is set for a November launch which is near the end of the time period RIM gave us for BlackBerry OS 6 and the 9800 “Torch.”

So shout out and let me know what you think of these new details. It looks like RIM really is going ahead with the Storm 3 and I for one am interested to see how the company has improved its touchscreens and operating system support for them.

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