Where are the BlackBerry Storm 3 and the BlackPad?

As the year enters its final stretch, two BlackBerry devices that everyone has been waiting for are noticeably absent. The Storm 3 and the BlackPad were rumored earlier in the year, but we have heard barely a peep about them lately. I think I can speak for most when I say that I do not care about the BlackBerry ‘Style’ 9670 or the ‘Atlas’ for China. What I am looking forward to are these touchscreen devices that will supposedly be packing Adobe’s Flash format with some type of hardware acceleration and the latest in BlackBerry technology. Call them BlackBerry OS 6.5 devices if you will.

However, while we have seen plenty of leaked photos and videos of the rest of the BlackBerry devices that have come or are coming out of Research In Motion (RIM) this year, where are the pics of the Storm 3 and the BlackPad? You would think that RIM would realize its stock needs a boost right now and it would at least leak something itself. People don’t want to buy “clamshell” (read flip phones) right now. What they want are phones and tablets with Long Term Evolution (LTE or 4G) network abilities, Flash Player and higher resolution screens. The Storm 3 and the BlackPad rumors have promised features like these, but so far… nothing.

Okay, even the most baseless rumors are putting the BlackPad and the Storm 3 launches in the coming November to January range. We really might see them before the end of the year. I just want some hard evidence here, and RIM’s customers deserve it. The Torch is a nice smartphone, but its not a game changer. Neither is BlackBerry OS 6 right now since its being hampered by that same 624 MHz processor every BlackBerry being produced right now seems to pack.

If you believe the rumors, the Storm 3 could have LTE abilities on Verizon’s network. I would not even mind the BlackPad’s supposed lack of a cellular radio and its reliance on a Bluetooth tether to access the internet when Wi-Fi is unavailable if some BlackBerrys with LTE come out around the same time (your opinion might differ). Another thing that these devices are promising are more RAM and faster processors. OS 6 really needs a processor in the one gigahertz range for it to be as snappy as some would like. Again, why the ‘Style’ right now RIM?

Are we really going to see the Storm 3 and the BlackPad in the next four months or has the rumor mill created these devices out of thin air? And what is up with the Android/QNX/BlackBerry OS rumors concerning the operating system for the BlackPad? Which is it? Why does this just sound sketchy?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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