The Blackberry Storm 3 comes into the light

Looks like the hard working folks over at BGR.Com have pretty much exposed all of what the Blackberry maker RIM has up there sleeve for 2011.The 3rd generation Storm is showing face shortly after exposure of a new Curve, Torch and an all new device named Dakota. What do all these new devices have in common? Well their all Blackberries and crazy enough…they are all pretty awesome.

The new Blackberry Storm 3 was put through the rumor mill numerous times last year. However looking back on that rumor history it seemed that the Storm 3 would not actually be made available and the line would never really make it to the top of its expectations. The new leak from BGR says the Storm line will indeed be updated and possibly be the best overall blackberry it was intended to be. The pictures leaked to the site show of a pretty familiar form factor which stays within the “lines” of the first two Storms. What differentiate the Storm 3 from its predecessors is its specs and don’t seem disappoint (torch) at all. Firstly the new Storm 3 is reported to sport the highest res display to ever be found on a Blackberry clocking in at 3.7 inches and 800 x 480 pixels, which is surely a good start. But wait it gets better. So the specs go onto read as we all expected when the leaks of the Torch arrived. The Storm 3 will rock a 1.2 GHz processor, a 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording capabilities. The device will come equipped with 8GB of eMMC storage and 512 MB of RAM. Expandable memory will be available via a microSD card “slot”. Oddly enough the Storm 3 does indeed seem to sport an optical track pad, which is seemingly useless on a 3.7 inch capacitive screen; however this “prototype” information is surely to be changed up a bit before release.  You can also expect to see 3G hotspot functionality within the Storm 3. Blackberry OS 6, Bluetooth 2.1 are also found within this spec listing. According to BGR’s source the Storm 3 should be made available in or around September this year.

So all you Storm users that have been waiting on this does it sound up to par? Keep in mind that this little flurry of a Storm 3 carries a 1230 mAh battery to power it, which may not be an issue but surely is a concern until someone can go hands on with this puppy.

Are you looking forward to an amazing update to the Storm line with this Storm 3?

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