Possible Leaked Picture of BlackBerry Storm 3

Research In Motion’s (RIM) rumored BlackBerry Storm 3 smartphone may have just had its first leaked picture. While this is still unofficial of course, some news about the Storm 3 is obviously better than no news about it. The tipster who sent this into BerryReview claims that RIM’s newest smartphone will have 8 GB of internal storage and a 3.7” screen. It is also rumored to have some of that mobile hotspot goodness. With past rumors claiming the Storm 3 will have LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4G) network abilities, this could mean some very fast mobile internet.

One question that many are asking though, is why does the device in the picture have an optical trackpad? That is a little fishy. Optical trackpad and full touchscreen abilities? That is an interesting combination to say the least.

With the rumors claiming that the still unverified but highly anticipated BlackBerry tablet or ‘BlackPad’ as many think it will be called will lack a cellular radio and instead rely on Bluetooth tethering to go on the internet, having a Storm 3 with a mobile 4G Wi-Fi hotspot to get internet on the go with could be a pretty stellar combination. Hopefully, some leaked pictures or video of the BlackPad in action will be coming out soon. Anyone else interested in how the Storm 3 and BlackPad could work together?

The next big question is the technical specs of this rumored Storm 3. With no official or leaked word on the processor, anyone else worried that this is going to be packing that same 624 MHz Marvell processor that is in the Torch, 9700, 9780, etc? This being expected to be a Verizon smartphone, look for at least 512MB of RAM, as that seems to be the minimum RAM that Verizon will be supporting for BlackBerry OS 6 devices on their CDMA network.

It was already rumored earlier this year that the Storm 2 with its 256MB of RAM was axed from carrier testing by Verizon because of performance issues with the lower amount of RAM. Nothing else has been heard about the Storm 2 and BB OS 6, so most (myself included) have concluded that OS 6 and 256MB of RAM will not be something that Verizon will support. Readers should also note that the Curve 3G (9330) model that Verizon is getting has 512MB of RAM as well, compared to the 256MB of RAM that the 9300 Curve 3G model on GSM networks like T-Mobile sports.

I am psyched to see something leaked on the Storm 3. Tell me what you think of what is known so far. This going to be that iPhone killer everyone wants RIM to launch?

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