Storm 2 is the First Victim of BlackBerry OS 6’s Requirements, Curve 9300 Next?

The BlackBerry Storm 2 might just be the first victim of BlackBerry OS 6’s hardware requirements. According to Gizmofusion, a source claims that Verizon Wireless has stopped testing Research In Motion’s (RIM) upcoming new operating system on the Storm 2 because it simply does not work correctly. The main reason? The Storm 2 only packs 256MB of RAM.

If the Storm 2 with 256MB of RAM is incapable of properly running RIM’s OS 6, then what about the yet unreleased BlackBerry Curve 9300? Here is a rundown on its official specs and as you can see, it too only has 256MB of RAM. We all had hoped that it even though it was only shipping with BB OS 5, it would be updatable to OS 6. It looks like unless RIM releases some type of stripped down OS 6, that might not be in the cards.

So why exactly is RIM pushing out a new BlackBerry that likely will not support OS 6 so close to OS 6’s launch? What about all of those loyal BlackBerry users who have perfectly fine phones and were looking to finally get a decent web browser with OS 6? They just all might be out of luck.

While it is certainly understandable that a new operating system will have to leave some older hardware behind, RIM has been outclassed in the operating system department for a while now. Even Apple’s two year old iPhone 3G got iOS 4 and while it might not run the best, at least it works. Even the original iPhone has a much better browser than what shipped out with the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

RIM is playing a major game of catch-up here and might just alienate some of its loyal user base. Angry because it looks like your Storm 2 might not be getting OS 6? Own a BlackBerry with “only” 256MB of RAM and worried now that you will not be able to upgrade? This changing your plans on picking up a Curve 9300? Drop a comment and let everyone know. Please just wait until the news is official before you start burning things down.

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