New BlackBerry App Obsoletes Starbucks Card

BlackBerry owners can finally ditch their Starbucks cards when they have the urge for caffeine. The new Starbucks Card Mobile app adds quite a bit more than just acting as a replacement for a physical Starbucks card however. Mobile payment options, store finding features, and more have made their way into it.

To pay with the app, a barcode is generated at checkout which is then scanned at the counter. This eliminates the hassles of using either a card or cash. iPhone owners have been able to use a similar system with their Starbucks app for quite a while now, so while this is an excellent thing, I think BlackBerry owners are getting sick of this. BlackBerrys need apps too, and not months after the iPhone gets them. Even Android OS is getting apps at a far faster rate than BlackBerry. I don’t want to detract from how excited I am that this app has finally seen the light of day. It’s just that BlackBerry owners need a moca on in a while too you know so why such the wait?

Right now, the mobile app is supported at 16 Starbucks stores around Seattle and Silicon Valley, but also has 1,000 locations at Starbucks inside Target stores. Expect the service to expand to more locations at using smartphones becomes a more popular payment option. Of course, Apple is starting work on near field technology that will allow its devices to do this without having to mess with barcodes, but that will not see the light of day for quite a while. Research In Motion (RIM) has plenty of time to license similar technology for its own models in the future.

The location features—that allow you to see places nearby that can use the app—is a very nice addition. I expect plenty of happy BlackBerry users to find this app quite useful. Hopefully, other companies follow suite and go down the same path. Who really wants to carry around so many cards from different stores when they can just use their smartphone?

Let me know if you will be using this app, want a location near you to support it, or think it is a waste of time. Shout out in the comments.

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