BlackBerry Slider 9800, On the Way?

  We have heard the rumors; we have seen the patent pending pictures (and now the spy pics). But WHEN RIM WHEN? Your community of users is looking for a new device and for now the new “Mr T” or Blackberry 9800 seems to be what they’re looking for.

Rim’s new Blackberry Slider device is rumored to be the “T” also known as the “Mr T” and has multiple alias though out the blogosphere.  RIM being one of the leaders in the smart phones industry is looking to “catch” up to the wave there competitors are surfing.  With this cool looking slider device I’m sure they will retain some of their bored but dedicated users that have been contemplating jumping ship to an iPhone or one of many Droid phones.  

Looking at the design of the rumored BlackBerry 9800 it seems that they are keeping themselves at the front of the QWERTY world, by keeping their legendary key pad and giving the user a “usable” touch screen (hopefully).  Most people that changed to a full touch screen recently from a QWERT Blackberry miss there buttons, and with the “Mr T” Rim pities the fool that left there Blackberry behind, and is hoping this 9800 may bring them back.

All we can do is gossip at this point as to when Rim will drop this infamous slider device.  It has been rumored all over the internet that the 9800 would drop this month, with their new OS6 being the forefront of the campaign. Only time can tell at this point, I for one am very interested in this model as I m still using an 8330 (I know, I know don’t laugh). But considering the market and the conditions of the economy RIM should approach this release very strategically to ensure that Verizon doesn’t start selling them at two fer prices.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the new Rumored BlackBerry Slider 9800

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