Blackberry 9800 exposed…again

So it seems that RIM is putting a lot of faith into their new slider 9800, and for good reason. More and more information is leaking out of Waterloo in regard to the Blackberry savior.  Now it seems that we have acquired some more (clearer) pictures of the Blackberry 9800, the pictures were initially posted at and show the already notorious Blackberry slider in amazing details.

The pictures of the new Blackberry 9800 slider phones are in amazing clarity and provide some really good details, showing off the Sim card and SD card slots, and even goes on to show a size comparison of its cousins the Bold 9700 and the Storm. The Sim card shot will also get the rumor mill to spin as to which carrier will get the 9800 Slider initially under some kind of exclusivity. At this point the pictures show to be T-Mobile. Taking a look at the site that leaked the pictures, it seems that they are confirming that this model does not have the sure press functionality on the touch screen as the Storm models used.

 The Blackberry 9800 is a highly anticipated mobile device. It has also been rumored recently that the 9800 will be releasing shortly after the anticipated iphone 4g. Blackberry is doing their best in retaining their fan base, and with this model and the feedback it is getting Blackberry will be going nowhere anytime soon.

Check out the Blackberry 9800’s rise to fame here

What do you think….can you hardly wait like most Blackberry addicts?

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