The BlackBerry Shield: Security Everywhere

If you hadn’t heard, Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) is developing a new software based service called “BlackBerry Shield.” Kind of like RIM’s version of Apple’s MobileMe, BlackBerry shield promises quite a bit of functionality that should keep users happy. The best part about it however, is that the service free. Yes, I said free.

So what exactly does BlackBerry Shield do? Well it can perform wireless backups and restorations.  The backups can even be performed automatically at set intervals and times.  Your BlackBerry’s password can be remotely set. You can track your phone by its GPS and cellular radio via your computer. Oh, and you can remotely erase all information on the BlackBerry and any installed memory card. Interested yet?

While the full feature set is not yet known, screenshots are starting to popup online. This can only mean that it is nearing release. Maybe this will be another part of BlackBerry OS 6? Regardless, the features will be greatly appreciated. Anyone who has lost their phone in a cab or on a train knows the incredible worrying that goes along with it. Sure, you just lost your expensive smartphone, but it is all of your personal data on the device that you are most upset about.  Credit card information, bank account information, numbers, documents, emails, etc. Our smartphones now hold even more personal information about us than our wallets or purses do.

One last feature to mention: you can also remotely set a message to display on your BlackBerry if it is lost. This could be handy if there is sensitive information on the device that you absolutely need to get back. You could use the feature to promise a reward or a number that the finder can call. Or if the phone was stolen, use it to set up an ambush (just kidding about that–it is dangerous, should not be tried, and the police will tell you the same thing).

So while all of the details are not out yet and neither is a release date, BlackBerry Shield looks like it is shaping up quite nicely. It might just become RIM’s answer to MobileMe.  Expect the service to enter the testing phase shortly.

Got an opinion or a feature that you hope will be included in the new service? Tell us.

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