Second BlackBerry Running OS 6 Coming but Still No OS 6 Update for the Rest of Us

The BlackBerry Oxford (codenamed ‘Style’ or vice versa) will be launching on Sprint’s network on October 31st. The only problem is, this will be the second BlackBerry OS 6 powered device to launch and we still have not seen the promised OS 6 updates from carriers for the Bold 9700, Curve 9300 or 9330, Bold 9650 or anything else. All of these smartphones are running most of the same internals including the same processor, so what gives Research In Motion (RIM)?

Just for those interested in the Oxford 9670 and its flip design, here is link to the specs.

The only good news so far is that Verizon Wireless (who carries the 9330) is hosting some type of BlackBerry OS 6 launch event tomorrow. Details on the event are unknown, but the launch has the word “interactive” in it, as in “interactive launch.” Anyone have an idea of what an interactive launch means? Something tells me that it is just going to overview BlackBerry OS 6 and that they will say that it is coming soon, since Verizon still has not gotten a single device running the new OS.

The BlackBerry Storm2 had its OS 6 update canceled, and the Storm3 was canceled as well for the carrier even though it should have been OS 6 compatible. We have seen leaked devices running OS 6 all over the internet for well over a month now, so why won’t the carriers just hurry up and give us the new OS? Webkit powered browsing, Social Feeds integration and a much improved user interface are all in the new version.

You cannot solely blame RIM for not having BB OS 6 on your current BlackBerry. It gave carriers the control over updates a long, long time ago. Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever owned a cell phone can tell you, carriers are not your friend. They just want you to use as little internet bandwidth as possible, pay your bill on time, and buy new phones. Sad but true.

Let’s hope that the event tomorrow by Verizon does indeed herald the arrival of BB OS 6 on the carrier’s network. Even though the coming BlackBerry Tablet OS RIM’s QNX branch is developing will eventually end up on all BlackBerrys, that will take at least a couple of years to come to pass.

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