BlackBerry Smart Phone Rumors for 2011: Dual-Core Processors, QNX OS and 3D Displays

Research In Motion's headquartersRIM’s BlackBerry line of smart phones could be looking at a complete makeover next year. Think dual-core processors, QNX’s new tablet OS making the transition to RIM’s phones and possibly even glasses free 3D displays. Excited? I am.

Dual-core BlackBerry smartphones:

Like with desktop and laptop PCs, multi-core processors are the inevitable next step in smart phone and tablet evolution. Acer will launch a dual-core tablet next year and so will RIM with the BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM has recently said that it will eventually build dual-core smart phones due to the heat and power saving advantages the new processors have.

QNX Tablet OS:

RIM has already said that its recently acquired QNX software division is building the operating system that will power its coming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Last night, RIM confirmed that the tablet OS will also start appearing in its BlackBerry smart phones but only when they transition to dual-core processors. When is that? Nobody knows for sure but since 2011 is starting to look like the year of dual-core phones let’s hope that RIM decides to launch their own soon.

3D BlackBerrys:

This rumor draws from RIM’s recent acquisition of The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), a company that specializes in designing user interfaces (UI) for smart phones and imbedded systems. TAT’s technology is found in 200+ different models that total 450 million devices. In fact, more than 20% of touch screen phones sold this year have TAT’s Cascades UI framework inside. Some of TAT’s most recent concept videos showcase 3D user interfaces and BBLeaks says rumors are circulating that RIM bought TAT to build a 3D user interface.

The Astonishing Tribe shows off seamless 2D to 3D maps


A 3D user interface requires a glasses free 3D display, which is already appearing in smart phones in Japan. Sharp builds the 3D screens that will be an integral part of Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS portable gaming system—the successor to the Nintendo DS series—and has launched a line of Android powered smart phones that incorporate the same technology. 3D smart phones are coming and if RIM really does take the direction that Mike Lazaridis has laid out—multi-core processor powered mobile devices with powerful multimedia abilities designed for businesses—it makes sense to try out the technology. Of anyone, TAT is probably the company that can pull this off the best on the first try. Fortunately, RIM now owns them.

Are we hoping for too much here from RIM for 2011? Will we be stuck with another year of BlackBerrys like the Torch and the Style? C’mon RIM. Let’s see what you can really do.

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