Another Blackberry 10 Flagship Keeps the Keys: Meet the Q10

In case you have haven’t heard Blackberry is back. The company is hard at work right now announcing their awesome ne QNX based Blackberry 10 software as well as showing off some of the new handhelds that run it! Blackberry’s CEO announced the Q10 today and it really hits a soft spot for dedicated Blackberry users that may have moved on to other platforms during its rough patch. The Blackberry Z10 was also announced today and brings a much need upgrade from the companies previous attempts at touch screen handsets. With the flagship sporting just glass, it’s good to know Blackberry still has ties in its roots. The Blackberry Q10 is set to bring QWERTY back!

When the advent of all touch screen handsets first came into the picture, some die hard button lovers said…nevar! Look at you now! Chances are your toting an all touch screen and the on screen keyboard works just fine. With the Q10, Q for QWERTY Blackberry is appealing to any keyboard lovers that are still out there. The Q10 takes the sentiment of the Bold 9900 into the future with a redesign and of course Blackberry 10. The Q10 is a combination of both touch screen and keyboard. Its body houses a 3.1 inch Super AMOLED touch screen that offers up a 720×720 pixel resolution at 328 pixels per inch. Just below that awesome screen, a full QWERTY keyboard! Internally the Q10 is said to run with a 1.5 GHz dual core chipset and 2 GB of RAM. The back of the Q10 also sports a unique “glass weave” build that apparently feels “pleasantly premium” according Engadget. The weave is said to be lighter, stronger and thinner than ordinary plastic. The Q10 also comes equipped with 4G LTE connectivity and have been confirmed for Sprint and Verizon as well as other Canadian service providers. While there is no exact date or price tag on its release, CEO Thorsten Heins said after the event that he expects it stateside sometime in April. Check out this video of the Blackberry Q10 being shown off.

Another awesome Blackberry handset ready to push BB10 onto the world! Anyone interested? Sound off below and let us k now what you think, also the very best in Blackberry accessories are here.


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