The Blackberry Q10 Set to Release 8 to 10 Weeks After the Z10 In the States

It feels good to wake up in the morning and check the news to see Blackberry back in the headlines! It was less than a week ago when the company formerly known as RIM announced their new Blackberry name alongside an awesome new handset. Well, one and a half if you count the Q10. The recent Blackberry event was more about their awesome new QNX based operating system then it was about hardware, but you can’t beat an awesome new smart phone. What was partially missing from the all the hub-bub however was a new keyboard based Blackberry. The legacy of Blackberry runs on the QWERTY and the new Blackberry Q10 was not quite ready for the lime light. New details tell us when it should be.

As the Blackberry event pushed through its paces the only thing anyone interested wanted to know, is when! When, is a mixed bag however as pricing and availability of the Z10 is scattered across the board. March is the time frame given to the US while, the handset is already available for purchase in the UK and Canada. But if you think that’s a ways off, don’t hold your breath for the Q10.  The Blackberry Q10 was that quite little keyboard based Blackberry 10, handset that no one could get their hands on during the event. Unfortunately the little bugger was not fully polished as the touch screen Z10. Initial information surrounding the Q10 release gave it a time frame of around April for a European launch. Recently the Associated Press has noted that Blackberry’s CEO Thorsten Heins stated that, that time frame to is still on par and that the Q10 would make into the states around “eight to 10 weeks” after the launch of the Z10. This time frame would have the Q10 launch in America sometime around May or June. While this is still a ways off and will surely kill a lot of the buzz surrounding the newly invented platform, could it be that the QWERTY handset needs a bit more development behind it? Could the Dev Alpha C program give us a bit more insight as to when the Q10 will be ready? Who knows, but what I do know is that Q10 looks scrumptious and I for one am certainly interested!

Is anyone as interested in the Q10 as I ‘am? Sound off below and let us know what you think of the Q10 and its scattered release dates. Also, Blackberry accessories for all makes and models here.

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