The Blackberry Q10 Set to Begin Its World Tour

Blackberry_Q10The Blackberry Q10 gets one step closer to a US release. Way back in January Blackberry took to the streets to announce their brand new, long time coming QNX based operating system, Blackberry 10. Luckily for long time Blackberry fans, the long awaited operating system came into this world running on two new handsets, the slate style Z10 and the still unreleased QWERTY loving Q10. The Q10 while lurking in the shadows of the all touch screen Z device give a lot of hope to keyboard lovers around the world. If Blackberry 10 runs anything like it does on the Z, the Q is sure to be a hit! But when, oh when can we actually get our hands on one? New details of the Q’s launch window and price point have emerged.

The Blackberry Q10 was announced alongside it more famous sibling the Z10 and was sort of pushed to the rear of the excitement as its imminent release was not pending. Initial reports of the Q10 gave it an eight to ten week time frame after the launch of the Z10. Almost three months later, reports of the Q10’s launch are starting to surface. Details out of the UK give the Q10 a release date of 4/26 exclusively at Selfridges through the weekend. April 30th will be the date in which most other carriers and retailers will begin carrying the handset. The Q10 at Selfridges will be priced at £579.99 SIM free. Here stateside it is being reported that the Q10 will be released before the end of May and has been confirmed for all major carriers including, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and At&t. Keep in mind however all carriers release dates may be different. Canadian customers looking for a Q10 can expect the device to hit store shelves come May 1st. Initial reports are giving the Q10 a rather high price point that makes it about fifty bucks more expensive than the iPhone 5 and other flagship smart phones. While the pricing does seem a bit high at $250 the idea is the Q10 is setting itself up as a niche handset directed at those with money to burn, you know those frequent travelers and business men.

Is the Q10 worth about 50 bucks more than its competition? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the Q10, its release dates and price points and remember that the very best in Blackberry Q10 accessories are here!

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