BlackBerry Protect Coming Soon—Finally

BlackBerry Protect is on its way—finally. The service was first called BlackBerry Shield, then later renamed to Protect and then pretty much disappeared from the public eye. Don’t worry BlackBerry fans, it finally is almost here. The free service from Research In Motion (RIM) requires BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) 3.2 and offers quite a few features similar to those found in Apple’s MobileMe service.

Protect will let you wireless backup your BlackBerry from anywhere (including your contacts, emails, etc.), activate a user defined startup screen if your device is lost, and remotely wipe your device. These are just some of the features, and it would be surprising if RIM does not add more in the future. It even lets you find your lost or stolen BlackBerry via GPS on your PC.

The software service has certainly been a long time coming. It entered a closed beta period way, way back in July, and I had started t wondered if RIM was really going to bring this to the market. Besides just the wireless backups (restores even!), GPS location stuff, and remote wipes, BlackBerry protect might eventually become RIM’s mobile solution that stores all of your data remotely just in case you lose your smartphone. The technology certainly holds some promise.

Has it taken far too long for RIM to build a product like this? Are you even interested in it? It is free after all, but RIM might add more features in the future and charge for them. You never know where tech companies will try to squeeze another dollar or two out of their customers.

Let me know if you will be using BlackBerry Protect when it comes out and what you think of it.

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