Blackberry Announces the Porsche Design P’9882



Blackberry teams up with Porsche Design for a retooling of the Z10. From this day forth, the Porsche Design Z10 shall be known as simply…the P’9882! We’ve all heard of Porsche right? Well, if you haven’t the rock you live under must be rather comfy. The brand is mostly a staple in the automobile industry, what you may not know however, is the influence of companies design elements have spawned a separate design company. The company was started in 2003 and has since produced some rather awesome products, none of which are cars mind you. From eyewear, to watches, luggage, home furnishings and fashion, to our topic of choice, electronics, smart phones to be precise.

Way back in October of 2011 Porsche and Blackberry teamed up for the P’9981. The device used a full QWERTY keyboard and premium materials across its build producing a rather impressive handset. The device fit the design language of Blackberry at the time as touch panels placed above keypads were the company’s mode of operation. As we enter this great year of 2014 however Blackberry’s flagship device has changed to a slate style touch screen and today they have officially introduced the Porsche Design Z10 aka the P’9882. Early August began the leaking process of the Porsche designed Z10 and since then we’ve seen a handful of pictures all but confirming the device. Today however Blackberry has made the P’9882 official. While the housing the of the device oozes premium hardware, the reworking of the Z10 leaves the innards of the smart phone mostly intact. The only major difference internally is the P’9882 will come offering 64 GB of internal storage! The casing of the new device is said to be constructed of premium stainless steel and grade A Italian leather. Additionally the phone ships with three different colored backs and a set of rather nice looking ear buds. Keep in mind however as most all Porsche Design products, this new Z10 is not for the average Joe, as it is priced a £1,400, which translates into about $2250! Break out those wallets now!

So, anyone interested? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think and remember all the best in Blackberry accessories here.

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