Welcome the BlackBerry ‘PlayBook’

It looks like Research In Motion (RIM) is serious about competing in the tablet market. While there had been rumors from BGR and others that RIM wasn’t going to showcase its coming tablet and was instead going to talk about its operating system, the company did both. No, it’s not called the BlackPad, Cobalt, or SurfBook. It’s the PlayBook.

Here is a quick rundown on some official specs from RIM on the PlayBook (finally!):

9.7mm thick

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but no cellular network abilities

0.9 Lbs

1 GHz, dual core processor

1 GB of RAM

5 MP rear facing camera, 3 MP front facing camera

HDMI out and USB support

1024×600 pixel,  7” display

No BlackBerry OS 6, QNX developed operating system instead

Adobe Flash will be hardware accelerated

Phew. I have to say that this is a truly impressive set of specs. If this tablet really does get made, then RIM might have a winner on its hands. Oh, and it does 1080p video and supports multitasking. Now we will just have to find out the cost.

Here’s a video from RIM of the PlayBook in action:


It looks like most of the rumors about RIM’s tablet turned out to be true. Now we just have to wait to get our hands on one sometime early next year. Let me know how much you want one of these. Is RIM back with a vengeance?

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