BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator Launched, SDK too

PlayBook in action


The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be a huge change from the past for Research In Motion (RIM). Never before has the company tried a tablet and its past experience with touchscreen only devices (the Storm series) was not a particularly good one. RIM has just released a SDK for the PlayBook ahead of its early next year launch to drum up developer support and since no one has a PlayBook tablet to actually mess around with yet, I’ve installed the PlayBook simulator and SDK to get a feel of how the PlayBook will work. It is still rough but showing promise.

First of all, there are no apps installed on the virtual PlayBook. There is also no way to put music on the device yet but some type of music player is installed. ‘Tapping’ the tabs switches views to each category. It doesn’t look too bad from an aesthetic point.

I have not yet installed any Adobe AIR applications on the PlayBook simulator but will be sure to do so soon. Adobe already has an AIR 2.5 SDK out for the PlayBook, so the lack of apps for the BlackBerry won’t be a problem. The PlayBook also will be packing a beefy, dual core processor. Long story short? The PlayBook will rock.Emulated PlayBook in action

The only part of the PlayBook OS that looks done so far is some basic user interface (UI) stuff. It’s impossible to tell how well the OS will run on an actual PlayBook, but on the virtual machine one, it didn’t feel slow. A little choppy with the transitions between screens, but other than that, not bad so far.

Like what you see? Remember, RIM still has a few months to get this product up to par. I’ll be updating my virtual PlayBook as they come out. So far, it’s looking pretty good. We’ll have to wait to see what the finished product looks like but I have hope.

Let me know in the comments what you think. I’ll try to get some Adobe AIR apps up and running tomorrow and test how well they work. The PlayBook going to be your tablet of choice when it finally ships?

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